5 Classic Off-Page SEO Strategies that Are Still Effective in Post-Penguin Era

off-page seoSome of the Internet marketers may claim that article marketing is dead, and the directory submissions are nothing but waste of time, but in reality, if you combine all the forms of link building, then you can still achieve great results with the combination of these 5 classic off-page SEO tactics –

1) Forum Marketing: It is necessary that you participate in forums actively. Once you become an established member, start recommending resources by posting links to your websites. The key is not to SPAM around, trying to somehow build a few links, but rather participating in the discussions genuinely, and promoting your products and services only in the interest of forum members. This can also help in achieving high conversion rates too.

2) Article Marketing: Write quality content or articles and then submit them to top article directories like EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, GoArticles, Amazines etc. for getting exposure. You will receive more traffic as you submit more and more articles. But, now the key is NOT to submit an article to dozens of directories, but rather submitting only unique articles to all the top directories, and building a few tier-2 links to them as well.

3) Web Directory Submissions: These web directories accept links, and all you need to do is to submit links and wait for them to be approved. The key is to target only the top directories relevant to your niche, and not to try your luck with hundreds of useless directories that accept all kinds of sites.

4) Guest Posting: You can pick the best popular blogs and start contributing posts as guest. A link for quality content is contributed as non-monetary compensation, and some of the sites may even pay you to write guest posts. Such links are considered as the most authoritative ones by Google, and your website is bound to get a good boost in organic rankings through these posts.

5) Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is the latest rage in this digital era. You can also find handful of social bookmarking sites that are popular on web. You just need to submit the links and drive tons of traffic. Social bookmarks can be great for building tier-2 links as well.

Additionally, Press Releases are a great way of brand building, and acquiring hundreds of high quality links too. Today’s it’s all about building presence of social media, and getting the right social signals if you want to establish a strong presence online.

So, go ahead and make use of these proven Off-page SEO techniques, and there’s no doubt that you’d still achieve great success, if you get the basics right.

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