What is SEO: SEO refers to search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing a website and its content, building links to it, and performing various activities that help in improving its placement in search engine results.

What is BlackHat SEO: The bad practices or the short-cuts such as creating door-way pages, using link-farms, and spamming in all other ways such as creating invisible links or basically any activity that is intended to game the search engine is classified as BlackHat SEO.

What Do People Use Black-Hat SEO & Do We at Webfosys Use It: No! At Webfosys, we don’t believe in adopting any short cuts, and we provide 100% white-hat ethical SEO services, and we don’t recommend usage of dirty blackhat seo tactics.
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However, some people still try to use blackhat SEO is a hurry to achieve results quickly without lot of hard work. But, you must remember that one day it can get your website completely banned, and removed from search engine results; so stay away from such tactics.

What is SMO: SMO or social media optimization refers to process of making best use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter , Reddit, Digg, Mixx, and likes of them, to improve the branding and traffic of your website.

Today, social media rules the web, and we know how to promote your site and enhance its brand online!

Google Panda Update: The Worse Nightmare for Poor Quality Sites – In an effort to take down link farms, content farms, and low quality sites that don’t provide good user experience, and those which search users would NOT like to see in search results, Google rolled out a new algorithm, which has been termed as the Panda update or the Farmer update (named after Navneet Panda, a.k.a farmer update because Google declared war against content farms while launching this update!).

EMD and Google Penguin Updates: Exact match domain and Google Penguin updates were rolled out to filter out all low quality sites that were built around a few keywords, and promoted by acquiring bulk links. The latest blow from Google came out in form of Penguin 2.0 during last week of May 2013.

Dozens of Google Panda updates have been rolled out, and all low quality sites are almost history; so, you need to act fast if you love your website – don’t look at cheap SEO packages – consult the best indian SEO company today!